[Around Here] On Works in Progress

I got a message from a twitter friend the other day inviting me to participate in a blog round-up where folks answer questions about their current works in progress.  I sadly had to respond that I'd love to be a part of it except that I currently have no work in progress. And I don't … Continue reading [Around Here] On Works in Progress

Existential Crises and Pregnancy-Induced Mania

Can I be honest with you?  After completely zeroing out on all the contests this year (the first time that's EVER happened since I started this whole screenwriting pursuit), I was ready to totally give up on writing.  I had excuses.  I have a full-time day job.  I spend another 10-15 hours a week (sometimes … Continue reading Existential Crises and Pregnancy-Induced Mania

LOVE IN LOVE at “Near Kisses”

So, back in June, I turned one of my old short stories called Love in Love into a short film script for the 50 Kisses competition from the London Screenwriters' Festival. Now, at some point, if you stay in this screenwriting game long enough, you kind of get used to rejection. But I'll level with … Continue reading LOVE IN LOVE at “Near Kisses”

Random Thoughts on a Windy Day

I just saw a bolt of lightning in the distance and silently squealed with kid-like delight. I love storms, at least the kind where they're just a little scary like a good rollercoaster or a solid horror film rather than the sort where they threaten lives or to blow away childhood homes. There's a storm … Continue reading Random Thoughts on a Windy Day

Learning to Herd Cats

So, this year I've been lucky enough to be able to ramp up my freelance work significantly. I was worried at first that it would use up my creative juices and that I wouldn't have anything left over for screenwriting and other fiction. But then I remembered that creative writing does not steal juice from … Continue reading Learning to Herd Cats

Juggling & Creative Juju

Lately I've been learning to juggle. {Maybe I should learn to actually juggle. That'd be a neat party trick. If I ever got invited to parties.} Here are my balls. {Get your minds out of the gutters, you saucy sillies.} I work your typical, 40-hours-a-week, non-creative, cubicle job. And full disclosure, it can be, well, … Continue reading Juggling & Creative Juju

The #JanPhotoaDay Challenge — And Why Photo Challenges Are Good for Writers

From time to time on Pinterest, I stumble across a daily photo challenge that piques my interest. In January, I finally decided to take the plunge and participate using fat mum slim's prompts as my template. The keys for me to doing a challenge like this are 1) sharing, 2) allowing yourself to catch up, … Continue reading The #JanPhotoaDay Challenge — And Why Photo Challenges Are Good for Writers