2008: My Year in Review

2008 was a landmark year in my life. It was a year of transition: ends, beginnings, redefinitions, and, most of all, getting back to the core of who I am and what I want out of life. Looking back over my tangible accomplishments, it's also been a fairly productive year.I wrote or rewrote five screenplays … Continue reading 2008: My Year in Review

2008: The Year in Movies

I saw a total of 151 movies this year, which, if you're counting, comes out to about one every two and a half days. Out of those, 46 were new releases. Below are my ratings of those new releases, along with an explanation of what I tend to mean by those ratings.THE BEST OF THE … Continue reading 2008: The Year in Movies

My Top Seven of 2008: January through August

The summer movie season is officially over. Soon, the studios will begin rolling out the Oscar bait, which will hopefully lift us out of the doldrums of the past few weeks (and the next couple, come to think of it). It seems an appropriate time to look back at the movies I've enjoyed most in … Continue reading My Top Seven of 2008: January through August