Ditty’s Favorite Movies of 2010

As is tradition, here's my year-end list of my favorite movies from 2010. INCEPTION Writer/Director: Christopher Nolan While this film left a lot of people amazed but feeling cold, I think a compelling case could be made that this is really an epic love story wrapped up in an incredibly ambitious storytelling device that sometimes … Continue reading Ditty’s Favorite Movies of 2010

My Most Anticipated Movies of 2010

I'm going with movies that actually have a wide release date attached, so as not to get my hopes up like last year (DORIAN GRAY and NEW YORK, I LOVE YOU , I'm looking at you!).  These are listed in order of release date. __________ VALENTINE'S DAY February 12 IMDB Trailer I'm a sucker for … Continue reading My Most Anticipated Movies of 2010