[FridayFlash] Time is Money

It's the last Friday of the year, which is hard to believe. Thanks to the #fridayflash community for helping me keep up the writing, at least sporadically, during my Evolutionary Year. TIME IS MONEY Henry couldn’t see what all the fuss was about time, but he was bound and determined to find some.  Being only five … Continue reading [FridayFlash] Time is Money

[FridayFlash] A Poor Playmate

I've started having a little fun with instagram the past week, trying to capture images that lend themselves to narrative.  I wish there were easier ways to embed the video here, because I think they make neat little #fridayflash entries.  Anywho, here's a link to the first one I did (my favorite so far).

[FridayFlash] The Cobbler’s Reward

This story started out as a short scene for a one-page screenplay contest last  year.  It's been sitting on my computer for more than a year, seen by only a handful of people, and I figured it was time to give it a new life.   Please enjoy. THE COBBLER'S REWARD A wizened little man sat … Continue reading [FridayFlash] The Cobbler’s Reward

[FridayFlash] The Search for Santa

After a month off from all non-NaNoWriMo-related writing, I'm ready to get back to business.  And that means #fridayflash!  Now that it's December, I present to you a little Christmas story, inspired by an idea my sister gave me this afternoon.  I hope you enjoy. THE SEARCH FOR SANTA Michael stared out the window as … Continue reading [FridayFlash] The Search for Santa