This Recipe Will Change Your Life

This recipe will change your life. That was the promise.  She’d thought nothing of it, to be honest.  After all, it had been a rough morning. In truth, it had been a rough week, a rough month, a rough quarter, a rough year, and, when it all added up, a rough decade — made all … Continue reading This Recipe Will Change Your Life

[FridayFlash] The Easter Hare

I've been on FridayFlash hiatus for a few weeks due to a variety of excuses, but I'm back for at least this week with a quick Easter story.  Hope you enjoy! THE EASTER HARE The children woke early and woke their parents, too.  Part of having children is rising much earlier than necessary on at … Continue reading [FridayFlash] The Easter Hare

[FridayFlash] The Cobbler’s Reward

This story started out as a short scene for a one-page screenplay contest last  year.  It's been sitting on my computer for more than a year, seen by only a handful of people, and I figured it was time to give it a new life.   Please enjoy. THE COBBLER'S REWARD A wizened little man sat … Continue reading [FridayFlash] The Cobbler’s Reward

[FridayFlash] Absolution of an Abomination

Carrie Clevenger did a riddle flash last week, and I've decided that this story makes for a nice little riddle, too.  Can you guess what the creature is? ABSOLUTION OF AN ABOMINATION "WHAT IS THAT?!" the archangel spluttered. The other archangel stood with his arms crossed, staring at the little abomination that had drawn such … Continue reading [FridayFlash] Absolution of an Abomination

[FridayFlash] Love in Love

This week's installment is a little Valentine's-themed story that I'd eventually like to turn into a short film script (and then a short film, natch).  I wanted to do something similar in tone to Neil Gaiman's "Harlequin Valentine," which is the best Valentine's-themed story in the history of the written word.  (It's available to listen … Continue reading [FridayFlash] Love in Love

Charity: A Christmas Story

Here's a quick bit of short fiction I wrote last year.  By the time I finished it, it was too late for a Christmas story, so this one's been waiting all year for its debut. Hope you enjoy. CHARITY: A CHRISTMAS STORY Julie was setting the table when the doorbell rang announcing the arrival of … Continue reading Charity: A Christmas Story

[FridayFlash] The Search for Santa

After a month off from all non-NaNoWriMo-related writing, I'm ready to get back to business.  And that means #fridayflash!  Now that it's December, I present to you a little Christmas story, inspired by an idea my sister gave me this afternoon.  I hope you enjoy. THE SEARCH FOR SANTA Michael stared out the window as … Continue reading [FridayFlash] The Search for Santa

[FridayFlash] Jack and Jill

There are a number of fascinating Halloween legends out there, and I knew I wanted to write a story about this one.  I found the opportunity when, a couple of weeks ago, my sister, inspired by Tim Burton's sketches from Sweeney Todd, sketched a spooky image of her own.  I loved it immediately, and I … Continue reading [FridayFlash] Jack and Jill