[FridayFlash] The End of the World

Trying something a little different this week. Would love to hear any feedback. If you're in the mood for some holiday-themed short fiction, feel free to check out some of my other stories! The Death of Santa Notice On Christmas (plus a video tale of Christmas terror) Charity: A Christmas Story (one of my favorites) The … Continue reading [FridayFlash] The End of the World

[FridayFlash] The Death of Santa

Now that NaNoWriMo is over and done with, I'm back at #FridayFlash! Be sure to check out the other short stories -- great for a slow Friday at work or over a quick lunch break.  I'd love to hear your comments re: my story below!  Thanks for stopping by! THE DEATH OF SANTA Santa was … Continue reading [FridayFlash] The Death of Santa

[#FridayFlash] Hansel & Gretel, On Second Thought

For the record, I did actually write this last Thursday during a layover on my way to Austin. Alas, I had zero time to get it posted last week, so it gets this week's slot — the last #FridayFlash before NaNoWriMo! Crazy stuff! If you're in the mood for more Halloween/Horror-themed stories, check out my … Continue reading [#FridayFlash] Hansel & Gretel, On Second Thought

[FridayFlash] Pumpkins, Cornstalks, and Mums for Sale

It's been a long time since I regularly participated in #FridayFlash, but we've got just three Fridays left 'til NaNoWriMo, so it seems like a good time to jump back in and warm up my fingers for prose. If you're new to #FridayFlash, the goal is to write a story of less than 1,000 words … Continue reading [FridayFlash] Pumpkins, Cornstalks, and Mums for Sale

[short fiction] The Cupbearer (Plus a Quick Update & a Spooky Image)

It's amazing what can happen in the span of six weeks. In the past three days alone, I've seen family I hadn't seen in years, watched my sister get married, survived two hours in 4-inch heels, shouted an f-bomb at some poor person on the other end of an accidental dial, mourned the murder of … Continue reading [short fiction] The Cupbearer (Plus a Quick Update & a Spooky Image)

[short fiction] Hobo

He knew they meant well, but he was beyond caring.  They looked so disappointed when he refused their good deed, but he never had any trouble finding his own food.  All he wanted was a goddamn pack of cigarettes.  He watched them walk away with the sandwiches and bottled water they’d offered him, heads turned … Continue reading [short fiction] Hobo

[FridayFlash] The Easter Hare

I've been on FridayFlash hiatus for a few weeks due to a variety of excuses, but I'm back for at least this week with a quick Easter story.  Hope you enjoy! THE EASTER HARE The children woke early and woke their parents, too.  Part of having children is rising much earlier than necessary on at … Continue reading [FridayFlash] The Easter Hare

[FridayFlash] The Cobbler’s Reward

This story started out as a short scene for a one-page screenplay contest last  year.  It's been sitting on my computer for more than a year, seen by only a handful of people, and I figured it was time to give it a new life.   Please enjoy. THE COBBLER'S REWARD A wizened little man sat … Continue reading [FridayFlash] The Cobbler’s Reward

[FridayFlash] Absolution of an Abomination

Carrie Clevenger did a riddle flash last week, and I've decided that this story makes for a nice little riddle, too.  Can you guess what the creature is? ABSOLUTION OF AN ABOMINATION "WHAT IS THAT?!" the archangel spluttered. The other archangel stood with his arms crossed, staring at the little abomination that had drawn such … Continue reading [FridayFlash] Absolution of an Abomination