Me, Interviewed

For her college computer class (do we still need those?), my sister was tasked with interviewing someone and writing a blog post about it.  Because I am, in her eyes, a paragon of truth, wonder and interesting things, she chose to interview me. Or maybe it was because I'm, you know, around. Whatever. Anyway, she … Continue reading Me, Interviewed

[Memories of Paris] The Artist in Montmartre

By the time we reached Paris, I’d more or less given up on my admittedly silly fantasy of capturing the heart of an impossibly handsome British or otherwise pleasantly-accented man during our two-week adventure across the pond.  I still made an effort to look presentable each day — we were in Paris after all — … Continue reading [Memories of Paris] The Artist in Montmartre

[Memories of Paris] Culture & Creature Shock

The first day in a new city can be a bit of a trial.  Throw in different culture, different customs, different transportation, different street signs, and a language barrier, and you can pretty much count on lusting after your pillow by the time night falls.  However, most people who travel to foreign lands know to … Continue reading [Memories of Paris] Culture & Creature Shock

[Memories of Paris] Food

There’s an old dieters’ method that involves indulging in a single bite of dessert and tossing the rest.  The idea is that nothing tastes as good as the first bite anyway, so you get your little indulgence without the caloric bomb and ensuing guilt. Honestly, I’ve never been a fan of such tricks anyway.  Smaller … Continue reading [Memories of Paris] Food