[FridayFlash] The Muse

I was scrolling through some old photos tonight, looking for something completely different, when I stumbled across this photograph I took in London back in 2010. I remember taking it, thinking it was in desperate need of a story. And so it's finally getting one, though I'm skeptical that this isn't the only tale this … Continue reading [FridayFlash] The Muse

Me, Interviewed

For her college computer class (do we still need those?), my sister was tasked with interviewing someone and writing a blog post about it.  Because I am, in her eyes, a paragon of truth, wonder and interesting things, she chose to interview me. Or maybe it was because I'm, you know, around. Whatever. Anyway, she … Continue reading Me, Interviewed

[London Calling] Winter

Wrote this mid-trip sitting on a bench at the Tate Modern. ----- Even though there are obvious downsides, like the physical discomfort, I find I like visiting places in the winter better than during other seasons. Anywhere can be beautiful in the spring, with its easy-on-the-eyes greens and new life. But in winter, the veneer … Continue reading [London Calling] Winter