[short fiction] The Cupbearer (Plus a Quick Update & a Spooky Image)

It's amazing what can happen in the span of six weeks. In the past three days alone, I've seen family I hadn't seen in years, watched my sister get married, survived two hours in 4-inch heels, shouted an f-bomb at some poor person on the other end of an accidental dial, mourned the murder of … Continue reading [short fiction] The Cupbearer (Plus a Quick Update & a Spooky Image)

[short fiction] Hobo

He knew they meant well, but he was beyond caring.  They looked so disappointed when he refused their good deed, but he never had any trouble finding his own food.  All he wanted was a goddamn pack of cigarettes.  He watched them walk away with the sandwiches and bottled water they’d offered him, heads turned … Continue reading [short fiction] Hobo

[short fiction] Contained Heart™

For the first time in months, Sheila could breathe easy.  The physically inexplicable knot of nerves and emotions that caused the ever-present ache in the pit of her stomach was gone.  She touched the little box inside her pocket and smiled. She’d thought it would be bigger.  How could something capable of causing so much … Continue reading [short fiction] Contained Heart™

[short fiction] Fire

I know autumn is coming when my thoughts turn gleefully toward the macabre.  I was given an impromptu writing prompt by a friend, which on the surface seemed wildly out of my wheelhouse due to its seemingly comedic bent.  Well, my brain somehow managed to turn it into the story that follows.  To my friend, … Continue reading [short fiction] Fire

This Recipe Will Change Your Life

This recipe will change your life. That was the promise.  She’d thought nothing of it, to be honest.  After all, it had been a rough morning. In truth, it had been a rough week, a rough month, a rough quarter, a rough year, and, when it all added up, a rough decade — made all … Continue reading This Recipe Will Change Your Life

[FridayFlash] Absolution of an Abomination

Carrie Clevenger did a riddle flash last week, and I've decided that this story makes for a nice little riddle, too.  Can you guess what the creature is? ABSOLUTION OF AN ABOMINATION "WHAT IS THAT?!" the archangel spluttered. The other archangel stood with his arms crossed, staring at the little abomination that had drawn such … Continue reading [FridayFlash] Absolution of an Abomination

Charity: A Christmas Story

Here's a quick bit of short fiction I wrote last year.  By the time I finished it, it was too late for a Christmas story, so this one's been waiting all year for its debut. Hope you enjoy. CHARITY: A CHRISTMAS STORY Julie was setting the table when the doorbell rang announcing the arrival of … Continue reading Charity: A Christmas Story