Who am I?

What a question, huh?  Well, for starters, my name is Elizabeth Ditty.  You can call Elizabeth or Izzi or Ditty, but to call me any variant of Liz is to tread upon dangerous ground.  And by dangerous, I mean you might experience the terrors of having me cringe uncomfortably and possibly politely correct you if I’m feeling direct enough.

If being a screenwriter is defined by the fact that one writes screenplays, then I am in fact a screenwriter.  However, since I’m not yet being paid to write said screenplays, I generally define myself as an aspiring screenwriter.  In this same vein, I am also an (aspiring) novelist.  I also write short stories when the mood strikes me, and I even on very rare occasion venture into the realm of poetry.  In addition, I also do a tiny bit of freelance copyediting/proofreading.

Beyond that, I’m a seeker of experiences, intellectual challenges, and good conversation.  I watch more movies than is potentially healthy for the average human being, and I try to read at least 24 books a year.  I have mixed feelings about Oxford commas, and it has been speculated that I am training to become a Musketeer, a theory which I can neither confirm nor deny.  (Oh, and sometimes I cook, too.)

Should you want to get in touch in a less public manner than by commenting on my little blog here, you may do so by sending me messages and/or compliments at izzi [dot] ditty [at] gmail [dot] com.


2 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. richard trombly says:

    Actually I feel stupid, I saw a post when i was sending a message to someone… it was my post to you…. never mind
    hope the writing is going well…

    Happy holiday and I think I will try to grow a new brain… 🙂

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