[Thankful2012] Items 9, 10 & 11: Lilo, Rikku & Viola

LILO Back on New Year's Eve of 2004, I brought home a furry little thing that I named Lilo.  She was nervous & her nerves tired her out, and she spent much of her first day in her new home sleeping inside her very large-for-such-a-small-dog house. She eventually came out of her shell, and it … Continue reading [Thankful2012] Items 9, 10 & 11: Lilo, Rikku & Viola

Juggling & Creative Juju

Lately I've been learning to juggle. {Maybe I should learn to actually juggle. That'd be a neat party trick. If I ever got invited to parties.} Here are my balls. {Get your minds out of the gutters, you saucy sillies.} I work your typical, 40-hours-a-week, non-creative, cubicle job. And full disclosure, it can be, well, … Continue reading Juggling & Creative Juju

Recap: 20 December 2009

Off we go with the Mega-est Movie Recap Ever. Lost in La Mancha (4 stars): I'm not sure who had the foresight to document the making of the ill-fated THE MAN WHO KILLED DON QUIXOTE, helmed by sometimes-out-of-control visionary Terry Gilliam (see the next entry), but whoever it was is a genius.  This documentary is … Continue reading Recap: 20 December 2009

Recap: 8 September 2009

So, it's been a while. Sorry about that.  It's been a busy few weeks, and I actually haven't even seen that many movies, compared to my usual intake.  But, after a creative glut last week, culminating in 8 hours of rewriting/editing/tweaking yesterday, I hereby declare this week CONSUMPTION WEEK.  As in book/movie/TV show consumption.  Not … Continue reading Recap: 8 September 2009

Box Office Predictions: 15 August 2008

This week marked the arrival of the highly-anticipated Tropic Thunder. It didn't open to spectacular numbers on Wednesday, but that just means there are more people to see it this weekend. Of course, I thought Pineapple Express would knock TDK out of the top place last week and was wrong then, too, but it has … Continue reading Box Office Predictions: 15 August 2008

Reading, Raining & Writing

I've been vastly unproductive this week, but it's not all my fault. Our monthly write-in was rudely interrupted by a wall cloud that decided to form in uncomfortably close proximity to a couple of our houses. In all honesty, I'd been procrastinating for the first hour of the write-in, but I swear I was about … Continue reading Reading, Raining & Writing

An Update, Complete with a New Focus

Sticking to a defined purpose for a blog is a tough thing to do, I've found. This one has run the gamut from corporate life rants/advice to movie reviews. I've recently been inspired by a couple of friends to put my blogging beret back on and give it another shot. This time around, I'm going … Continue reading An Update, Complete with a New Focus